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Valerie  Dai Hatsu  Duvauchelle 

My encounter with the shôjin ryôri began with sitting in zazen at the temple of Sojiji in Japan where I lived for 13 years.  It was through the body, sitting, doing, chanting together with the monks that the resonance was made for me. It was only on my return to France in 2012 that I began to study the traces of Zen Buddhism. Deeply rooted in secularity, I experience the posture of zazen as a process of inclusive adjustment to the world, a disposition of "beingwith" and the practice of food as the space of resonance co-constructing the world. 


BIO : 

From 2003 to 2007 I practiced at the temple of Soji -ji ( Tsurumi, Kanagawa prefecture) under the reverence of Noda Godo roshi and discovered the practice of Zen cooking with the Tenzo ( cook of the practice ) Koganeyama Roshi.

It was also at Soji-ji that I met Isshô Fujita whom I would later follow at the Chizanso of Hayama (near Kamakura).

My life is then divided between my vegetal cooking workshops, my zen practice, permaculture and my travels in temples to meet tenzo.

In 2012 I came back to France with the desire to transmit this practice to everyone and created La cuisine de la bienveillance.

In 2014 I met Dainin Joko Procoppio who offered me the position of Tenzo 

In 2017 I took the vows (tokudo) of nun 

In 2018 I join the order of the mountains and clouds in the footsteps of Pierre Taigu Turlur   

In 2019 I share the practice of the food of benevolence in itinerancy and regularly visit intentional communities (Tamera among others)

In 2020 I explore the question of community as a transformative process in the current societal context. In this spirit I am also involved in the MIC cooperative (houses of collective intelligence) 

In 2021 I become a pioneer in  LIFE ITSELF  as a  conscious  food practices designer under the Sympoiesis project  in Bergerac where  I am currently the head curator of the praxis hub.

 Noda Godo Roshi      Koganeyama Roshi         Issho Fujita             Gensho-san            Nishii-sensei        Husband Fuji sensei

My  teachers  

Pierre Taigu Turlur sensei

In this blog more informal teachers yet as valuable in my path 

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