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Practice at the heart of your life  


Make your kitchen the temple of your life  

To no longer separate  spirituality and daily life  , 5  seasonal appointments to practice together  for a day of collective remote practice.  



The concept of these practices is to:

- sit in the aligned relaxation  (zazen) 

- discover the principles of benevolent cooking 

- integrate contemplation into meals 

- learn to use the blog framework to empower your food practice  daily  



Live the living experience of your food in the common space of shared time 


And to accompany you  on your way, you can discover the  food zen practice book  built around 5 contemplations linked to the themes of identity, harmony, peace, health and practice.


The program 

- postural awakening 

-  seated  without object (zazen)

- a sharing on the contemplations


next date on the agenda.


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